L4Y Learning For Youth GmbH


L4Y is a newly founded company working in the youth field. We are proposing Erasmus+ KA2 projects at the moment; soon, we are going to be a non-profit company. After we become a non-profit company, we can propose KA1 and ESC project. we have previous experiences about proposing and implementing Erasmus+ projects

Here are some of our skills

Programming & Developing LMS

We develop LMS and code (including quantum and blockchain programming)

e-Learning, quantum and blockchain programming

E-Learning is the future of education. Quantum and blockchain coding will become more and more critical each day

Team Working

is an essential skill for young people to ease their job entering the labor market and improve their efficiency

Teaming UP

Dialogue is the basis of learning. Team Dialogue, Motorola Reports, Mental Model Games, Einstein Workshop, Team Building Games engage you in how to work as a team. You will improve a lot of skills while you are learning to team UP.

Creative/Critical Thinking

Learn Team working first, then with your team, use Creative/Critical Thinking methods to solve even personal problems.

The education system of the 21st Century

Creative Thinking improves, confidence, adaptability, awareness (Character); Critical Thinking/Problem solving, creativity, collaboration (skills); curiosity&motivation, reflection, and patience (learning to learn)

KA1 & KA2 Project Proposals

We have previous experience in KA1 projects. Youth Exchanges (YE), Mobility of Youth Workers (TC) project we did. We are proposing KA2 projects now.


Erasmus+ is the most significant investment of the European Union. The program is so valuable that the EU doubled its budget after 2021

Learning efficiency

John Dewey said “We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.” Reflection is academically proved method to improve learning

Learning to learn

Reflection has particular importance in Erasmus+ projects. There are many kinds of reflections. We are not only teaching it how to do to young people also as a team we are using and have the benefit of it.

Animation, Photo/Video

Professional equipment for photo/video (sound systems, lights, professional cinema camera, photo machine) and programs for animations.

Art... Art... Art...

The best way to tell your story is ART. For youth, especially videos and animations, are very popular. Since we are working for youth, it is a good idea to use channels that they liked

We are a refreshing partner for your KA2 projects

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