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Tools for Erasmus+ Projects

P1.pdf We prepare this PDF for our How to Propose Projects course. We want to share it with our colleagues.  We believe it will help them a lot while preparing the project.  There are many links you need during the proposing and implementation stages of [...]

Erasmus+ Introduction

Discover what Erasmus+ is Erasmus+ is the European Union program in the fields of education, training, youth, and sport for the period from 2014 to 2020. The program aims to make a positive change in Europe by offering learning and cooperation opportunities. People and organizations from [...]

Call For Partners – KA205 – Artificial Intelligence

Do you interest in a KA205 AI Project for youth? Day by day, it will be more challenging to process big data for the increased needs of modern society. We need more capacity and fast systems for it. Reports say, just in four years, AI skills [...]

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Yarışma – 2040 Yılında Kuantum Teknolojileri Hayatımızı Nasıl Etkileyecek?

Gençler, Gelecekte önemi katlanarak artması beklenen Kuantum Teknolojileri konusuna bir giriş yapmaya ne dersiniz? Biraz araştırın, gerisi hayal gücünüze kalmış. 2040 yılını hayal edin, bu yeni ve geleceği çok parlak teknolojiler hayatımızı nasıl değiştirecek? Bu yarışmaya hazırlanırken öğrendikleriniz belki de sizin gelecekte işinizi seçmenize sebep olacak!! [...]

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How to promote your new organization for Erasmus+ Projects?

There are many ways to promote your organization if you are new in the Erasmus+. But for general users, we choose some easy to do and but also efficient ways.  As a new Informal Youth Group/Organization, you need some tools. We suggest what we are using [...]

A collection of Erasmus+ Facebook Groups

Here is the collection of some Erasmus+ Facebook groups to find partners and participants EU Projects partners & participants International Youth Leaders Group Youth Opportunities Erasmus Training & Scholarship & Youth Exchanges Projects Partner Search Gençlik Projeleri Kulübü Not only YiA Erasmus+ Partner Search Erasmus+ [...]

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