How to promote your new organization for Erasmus+ Projects?

How to promote your new organization for Erasmus+ Projects?

There are many ways to promote your organization if you are new in the Erasmus+. But for general users, we choose some easy to do and but also efficient ways.  As a new Informal Youth Group/Organization, you need some tools. We suggest what we are using for many years in the field. Most of them are free.

There is a grammar software GRAMMARLY  You do not need the professional premium version. The free version is quite enough.

Graphic Design Software
CANVA is comfortable and sufficient. You can design even your logo, posters, check it.
You can use free photos in Canva, but also there are FREE PHOTO/VIDEO PROVIDERS

Website and social media
If you are going to propose projects, it is a MUST. Otherwise, you lose points. Each point is essential to get the grant. There are many FREE WEBSITE BUILDERS you can find from google that suitable for you.

If you do not want to have a website; set up a Facebook page for that need.

It will be better to have more social media accounts if you can handle it.

Erasmus+ Facebook Groups
You can find a collection of these groups HERE. To be a member of these groups will help you to reach the community. You can either make Call For Partners or Call For Participants for your projects or an opportunity to be a partner/participant of other projects.

To use these groups is vital.

Salto Youth and OTLAS Partner Finding
Another MUST. Register this site. It is not private, belongs to six National Agency of six countries. Otlas is partner finding network. You can do Call For Partners announcements

Photos and videos are always working. Check OUR SITE where we used it for the results of the projects previously for Martı and in the future for L4Y.

Mobile phones are mostly enough for this purpose. You only need a FREE VIDEO EDITOR to process. It is another ability instrumental in this field. We strongly recommend having this kind of artistic talent.

There is an infinite number of tools you can use to improve your organizational capacity. These are enough for the beginning.

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